Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your shipping charges?

A: As of January 2016, USPS, FEDEX and UPS all raised their shipping rates.  For this reason we have been forced to raise our rates. For all orders within the contiguous United States we offer a flat $9.99 shipping charge for all shipments up to 30lbs.  For overweight shipments, additional charges will apply. For those areas outside the contiguous United States, the $9.99 shipping charge will apply for orders that are a maximmum of 10lbs.  For areas outside the contigious United States and over 10lbs, higher shipping charges will apply.  All shipping charges will be calculated at check out and your order will not be processed until you have a chance to see your complete order with the shipping charges.  If you have ANY questions about shipping your order, please contact us via email: info@jkgourmet.com or call us at 800-608-0465. 

Q: Do you ship overseas to Europe? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

A: Shipping to Europe can take either 1 week or 4-6 weeks, depending on whether you want to pay for air-freight or ocean-freight. Air-freight will cost a couple of hundred dollars and is entirely dependent on the weight of what you want shipped. E-mail us your list and we will send you a quote. Remember, the larger your order, the more efficient it will be for shipping as you can amortize the freight cost overmore products.


Q: Do you ship to Australia? How much will it cost? How long will it take?



A: Due to the Australian government's Bio Security measures, import permits must be submitted for all food imports. The charge for the permit is at least $250. If the permit is not acquired, most imported food is subject to quarantine. For this reason, we do not ship to Australia. 

Q: Is JK Gourmet Almond Flour blanched?

A: Yes, our almond flour is made of ground blanched almonds.

Q: Is your Almond Flour Organic?
A: No, our Almond Flour is not Organic. All fertilizers, pesticides, etc. used to grow our almonds are approved for use on almonds and are regulated by both Federal and State of California laws. Any and all use of these materials are well within regulation.

Q: How are your almonds pasteurized?
A: Our almonds are heat pasteurized in a hot water bath

Q: Are chemicals used in the blanching of almonds for your Almond Flour? 

A: Chemicals are not used in the blanching of almonds. The skins of the almonds are removed in a hot water bath. Q: Are your products organic?

Q: Are your other products organic?

A: No, our products are not organic. We do, however, have some organic ingredients in our products. We use only organic raisins and organic apricots and our coconut is sulfite-free.




Q What is Coconut Nectar?


A: Coconut Nectar is an unrefined sweetener that comes from coconut tree blossoms.  The sap that comes from these blossoms is evaporated at low temperatures to remove extra moisture and the resultant granules are what we use in OUR FAVOURITE ALMOND FLOUR BAKING MIXES.  Coconut sap harvesting  and production is sustainable and does not cause deforestation. Coconut Nectar has naturally occurring nutrients including: zinc, iron, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and amino acids (including glutamine). The Coconut Nectar we use is organic, gluten free, GMO free. vegan, and kosher.



Q: When will my order ship? How long will it take to get my order?

A: We generally process orders very quickly – usually the next business day – sometimes we can even get your order out the same day!  If your order is delayed because an item is out of stock, we will notify you and let you know when it is likely to ship.  Canadian orders ship from Toronto via Canada Post and US orders ship from Lake Worth, Florida by FedEx or USPS. Depending on where it is being delivered, shipments can take 1 business day (same province or state) or 5/6 days (West Coast).


Q: Are you a peanut-free facility. 

A: Yes, our facility is entirely peanut-free.




Q: Is your Almond Flour free from peanut contaminants and other tree nuts?

A: Our Almond Flour is entirely free from peanuts. Not only do we run a peanut-free facility, but our almond growers in California have no peanuts in their facility either. In our JK Gourmet facility there are other tree nuts used in the production of our Granola, Bars, and Biscotti and some of our GG Bites. However, our Almond Flour is packaged on a separate production line. We do our best to avoid any cross-contamination with other tree nuts, but we cannot guarantee it.  In the case of our Bulk 25 lb portion of Almond Flour, you can be certain that no other nuts have come into contact with the product. 


Q: Is your Almond Flour free from other tree nuts?

A: In our own facility there are other tree nuts and although every care is taken to avoid cross contamination with other tree nuts, we cannot guarantee it.





Q: Do you accept returns?



A: Please understand that we cannot take returns on food products; we will never ship you anything that another customer retuned to us, so we cannot take back your product with the intention of selling it to another customer.