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A FEW WORDS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS... we've received hundreds of wonderful emails and letters from our customers over the years.  We thought you'd enjoy reading some of them.




Got some GG Bites with my last order. AWESOME. I will definitely be ordering more GG Bites with my next order! I bake lots of treats with your almond flour but haven't made anything like these.

Gaylin, Vancouver BC

REVIEW: Grain-Free JK Gourmet’s GG Bites with Cranberries by Tracy Grabowski - Wheat Freely / January 20, 2014 I might have an issue with Grain-Free JK Gourmet’s GG Bites.

I believe they may have left out an ingredient in their nutrition label. The back of my delicious GG Bites package mentioned sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, honey, organic coconut nectar and a generous amount of naturally sweetened cranberries. Check, check, and check! But what about that one last ingredient? I couldn’t find it listed anywhere! The one ingredient I think might be missing from the label? 
That would be the “love!” I think most chefs will agree that you can taste the “hidden” love behind some dishes. I can only assume that GG Bites were made with a lot of “love” along with the other gluten-free, grain-free, and all-natural ingredients listed on the label because of how delicious this snack was! The Paleo-friendly (and of course Celiac-friendly) snack bites are texturally somewhat between a granola bar and a sesame crisp. The most impressive part is that I could literally taste the freshness of each of the ingredients from the large plum cranberries to the tiny, tender sesame seeds. In fact, the GG Bites are so good, I challenge you to stop at just one GG “bite.”

OMG!!! GG BITES - Delicious!!!! Not too sweet, perfect crunchiness, baked "just right"! What a wonderful snack!!! I love them - both flavors that I’ve tried! Congratulations on this fantastic new product.

Pam, San Diego, CA

SPEECHLESS...BECAUSE I AM SALIVATING! We ate the whole bag (of GG BITES) in like FIVE minutes flat!

Vanessa, Toronto, ON



Thank you, thank you so much!  Already used 1 box of Almond Flour this past weekend making french macaron and they all turned out perfect.  It looks like I will be ordering more soon.  Thanks again.  Keep up the outstanding service!

Marites (Honolulu)

tried your flour on a couple things this weekend and it passed the big test - my 13 year old!
I will definitely buy it again as we are going for an entirely grain free lifestyle. Your flour is the finest I have found and it will make our transition much easier….
Diane, Calgary

WOW the Blanched Almond Flour is AMAZING..please don't ever stop making this....PLEASE!
Donna (London)


A couple of weeks ago I was baking banana bread with the recipe I have used since I was in Girl Scouts (I’m 61, so a l-o-n-g time!) and thought couldn’t be beat.  When I discovered I had less than a cup of the required two cups of all purpose flour, I decided to fill in with JK Gourmet almond flour.  Well, the recipe certainly COULD be bested, and the almond flour batch did just that!  In fact the next loaf I made was 100% almond flour and it was better yet.  I’ve just finished Lazy Day Bran Muffins (you keep the batter in the fridge up to six weeks and bake a few at a time as needed) and I’m drooling just thinking about the result.  Your almond flour is without a doubt the BEST!!



Lake Worth FL



Hi JK Gourmet! I love your product, especially for making French macarons. I was delighted when I saw the bulk option and will continue to purchase it this way. I've tried many other types of almond flour but always go back to JK Gourmet. Your product consistency and quality is excellent and the taste and fine grind is something I can rely on. I always recommend your product to other bakers and gluten-free friends! Thank you again for a great product and great customer service! I've attached a picture of some macarons that I made using JK Gourmet Almond Flour!

With gratitude,
Nikki (New York)

I ordered one package of your Almond Flour last week to try it out and I absolutely love it because of the fine texture. It totally eliminates the extra steps of getting out the processor to grind, and then cleaning it. I make french macarons so the almond flour has to be finely ground. All the other brands still require more processing. Thank you!  

Jessica (Shreveport, LA.)


I was SO happy to finally see the bulk bag of JK Gourmet almond flour on Amazon!!  I needed almond flour quick, only trust your brand and order so much else from Amazon Prime because we live in the middle of nowhere and love free 2 days shipping.  My daughter's birthday is July 4th and the ONLY cake she ever wants baked is a beautiful 4th of July cake that my mother made all the years we were growing up---with full gluten flour and sugar.  When we found out about Celiac and then ended up going SCD to really heal, I had to figure out how to replace the original cake safely----hello JK Gourmet beautiful blanched almond flour and the delish recipes from Breaking the Vicious Cycle book!  

Thanks again!



I just completed a 6-month program to "heal" my digestive system, and no longer eat grains or dairy.  And I am diabetic so I watch our carbs like a hawk.  I was hungry for cookies, so I made 1/2 a batch of yours yesterday.  Fantastic.  As good as my Moms Toll House cookies from the 50s and they were the best.  I will have to watch that I don't eat to many at once, but congratulations, this stuff is fantastic.  I froze the balance for future use.  Appreciate it.  Most of the work around that I do with food pass, but are not brilliant, and these are brilliant.

Cheryl M.




The bars are doing great so far. They are quickly becoming a favourite amongst our customers (and myself). I mostly enjoy the fact that almost anyone, no matter what food allergy they come to me with, I am confident in recommending the bars not only for wholesome ingredients but the amazing taste as well. You truly have a great product on your hands.
(Retail store, Ontario)

I am writing to tell you how DELICIOUS your granola and the granola bars are. I bought some the other day and honestly the BEST granola bars ever!!!! Every grocery store should be selling them!!! Also I am soooo impressed with the fact that I can pronounce every single ingredient listed on the back! That never happens!!! Congratulations!
Megan (Winnipeg)


I have to tell you, I just tried the nuts & seeds bar and was totally blown away. You have one fantastic product!
Leanne (Alberta)


Hi JK Gourmet,
I just ate my Nuts & Raisins granola bar included with my previous order. Wow! Goooood! I've just finished ordering a whole bunch of them. I'd guess your nearest competitor stateside is the Larabar (which I've eaten my share of), also grain free, but yours is hands down better! And more nutritious too, as your first ingredient is almond butter, the Larabar always has dates as the first ingredient no matter the flavor. Being grain-free on the go is often tricky, especially in small airports, small diners, hotels, etc. as you know. Your granola bars just made it easier, and more delicious. Thanks for your innovation!
Katrina (Wisconsin)




We get frequent requests from Bloggers and Food Reviewers who express interest in our products. Click here to read one Bloggers review about our 7 flavours of Granola.


Wow...I finally found a fantastic granola product that I can eat dry and savor every bit of flavor. Your granola is the best I have ever had.  Thank you so much.
Bodine, Prince George BC


I had to email you to share that those are the best gluten free products we have ever eaten! The granola was especially delicious - we had it as cereal , on yogurt, ice cream......the best!!
Oriane, Toronto

I bought your apple granola and a few of your bars as well…just to try…they are both delicious! My first bowl of “cereal” since I stopped eating gluten in March! Yum! Will be ordering more soon!


“I tried the almond flour last night and LOVE it! I can't eat bread anymore because of gluten and I felt like I was eating bread again. I made a 1 minute muffin. Tonight I made more of a biscuit. Thanks so much!”
April, Indiana

I wanted to congratulate you on your Granola product: Hazelnut & Date. Delicious.

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have been frustrated with finding something delicious to eat. What a terrific product! I eat it with PC Strawberry yogurt.

I look forward to trying your other products and will certainly promote your Granola. I don’t know what else your company makes but I will be sure to purchase anything with your name on it.


Once again, awesome product. You have put hope in someone who had lost it (with food, I mean ).


All the best.
Jesse (Kitchener, Ontario)

Thought that you would like to see what our freezer looked like a while ago. Now, unfortunately I need to place an order!

I am SO impressed-- I can not even tell you. Your granola is my favorite food find in a long, long time. Truth be told it was my dessert again tonight.
Emily (Wisconsin)

Am eating your granola and it is FABULOUS!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!! Perfect balance of tastes! The best I've tasted!
Kathie, NJ

I just tried your "granola" and all I can say is WOW! I don't know how you did it, but it is the BEST tasting non-grain (or even GF) "granola" I have ever eaten! Many thanks again for making such wonderful products!
Shelley, Ottawa

Tried your granola, I'm hooked!
Jeff, Toronto

I have recently discovered your unbelievable delicious granolas. I have walked by your product many times at my local grocery store with no notice until I was introduced to them by a friend… I do not need to have a gluten free diet and wasn’t quite sure what that meant but it sounded unappetizing. After indulging I was totally addicted. I have a very healthy lifestyle and diet and am always looking for a granola that isn’t too sweet. This is the one…I will try to spread the word!
Kelly, Toronto

That is some great stuff!!!!!
Mark, Toronto

Hi, just wanted to let you know I have received my almond flour, together with your granola – LET ME TELL YOU IT IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN. AND NO ADDED FAT!!!! Really superb.
Margo, Penticton

Thank you so much. Your granola is the best ever. I'm very happy, you make my day!

It is getting close to 1 am and I am sitting here eating your Hazelnut and Date Granola by the handful! I can't stop eating this mix.
Of all four new Granolas, this is the one that turns my crank, is my steroidal crutch to get me through an hour of late-night desk work...
I just can't stop eating this stuff! Congrats on the stunning Granolas, really! I am bowled over by them!
Jim, Napa

WOW! I LOVE your new Cranberry Cashew!
I had some this morning. Then I had some again.
And now, I am sitting here in my office with the bag open beside me, dipping in between sentences to munch as I type.
Suggestion: make the gusseted bag wider so that aficionados (or do I mean addictiv-ionados?) can get their big paws into the plastic pouch that much easier!
I really DO love the new flavor.
Jim, Napa




I just purchased your carrot and banana loaves, granola and the lemon biscotti and they are all so delicious and satisfying. I have been eating a gluten free diet for almost 4 years now and have never found any product that is as tasty and 'real-tasting' like yours. Thanks once again for making such great, nutritious and really delicious products!!!
Michelle Amato

Thank you so much for the delicious biscotti. These are the best baked goods I have eaten in two years, since I started the SCD! It is hard to stop having another, and another! I don't know how you achieved those delicious flavors, but I'm very glad you did. Is there any chance you could start supplying these to grocery stores in Massachusetts?
Somerville, Massachusetts

I just thought I’d let you know that when all is said and done and you’re living between hurricanes, your delicious biscotti are the only things that seem to have held up in the freezer and I have been living off of them for days!
Boca Raton, Florida

I received the biscotti package this afternoon, much to the curiosity of my co-workers. I don't dare bring them home because with my husband around I won't get to eat very many of them! I sampled each of the different biscotti and they are delicious. I think I will have to lock them up in one of my desk drawers in my office while I'm not around! Thanks for having made these wonderful goodies.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I adore all flavours of your biscotti. Being gluten and dairy intolerant can be difficult sometimes when I just want a sweet snack. My two favourites are the almond raisin biscotti and the lemon poppy seed biscotti. Even my friends and family who have no food allergies love your product. I would love to see it available in more stores.


Keep baking!
Thank you.

The food you sent is fabulous –my daughter loves the cookies and so do I. I would like to place the very same order again with you. We are going away for Thanksgiving and I would love to bring these treats with me.
Amherst, New Hampshire

I just tried your Banana Bread and it was absolutely delicious. I think it's a truly inspired creation. I look forward to trying your other products. I did not know that ground almonds work so well as a flour substitute. I'm eating gluten & sugar free - and feel 1000 times better, so I appreciate a treat I can eat once in awhile.
Thanks again,

Thanks so much. The biscotti are sooooo delicious! What a wonderful treat! Would it be possible to have a standing order with you?
Thanks again,
Huntington, New York

WOW they're good! ...I got back this afternoon and found they'd arrived so am thrilled to have something so wonderful to munch on!! How do you get them so fine and so crunchy?My husband had a taste too and wanted me to confirm that you can post direct to Hong Kong!! Really delicious — so glad I placed the order — and'll be hearing from me again!
Fondly yours,
Hong Kong

Just wanted to let you know I tried all your products while in Toronto and loved them. It was hard to believe the banana bread wasn't made with wheat flour.

I have just finished munching on one of your lemon poppy seed biscotti. Delicious!
We are always looking for new suppliers to come out to our general meetings to sell (and to provide tasting samples) of their baked goods. I would like to know if "JGourmet" would be interested in coming out to one of our meetings. I am sure many of our Toronto chapter celiacs would be interested in tasting and buying your baked goods. I am sure many are not aware of your products. I discovered them up at Chapman's at York Mills and Bayview. I think your ingredients are wonderful. I have always felt that celiacs should look at their restricted diet as a bit of a "blessing in disguise." By that, I mean, we celiacs should not be trying to replace gluten filled pastries and cookies made with hydrogenated or trans fats with their equivalent in a gluten-free form. That's why your products are so terrific and yummy at the same time.

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